Torrent, Valencia

Torrente, 46900 ,Spain
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Torrent is a city located within the metropolitan area of the city of Valencia, Spain. It is the largest municipality of the Horta Oest comarca, with 79,843 inhabitants (2010). It is situated some 7 km from Valencia city proper, to which it is connected via the metro. The two metro stations in Torrent are called Torrent and Torrent avinguda from lines 1 and 5.It is bordered by Aldaia, Alaquàs and Xirivella in the north, Picanya and Catarroja in the east, Alcàcer and Picassent in the south and Montserrat, Godelleta, Turís and Xiva in the West. All of the cities are part of the province of Valencia.GeographyThere are only a few remarkable mountains in the municipal territory: El Vedat, Morredondo, Barret, Cabezo de la Araña and the Serra Perenxisa . About a 20% of the territory is mountainous. Torrent is crossed by a gully which flows into the Albufera lagoon and estuary.HistoryThe village of Torrent was officially founded by people of European ancestry in 1248, after the Reconquista although the tower and its fortification were built several centuries earlier. Archaeological research suggests that there were inhabitants in the zone in the Bronze Age.


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