Santoña, ,Spain
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Santoña is a town in the eastern coast of the autonomous community of Cantabria, on the north coast of Spain. It is situated by the bay of the same name. It is 45km from the capital Santander. Santoña is divided into two zones, an urban plain, and a mountainous area, with Mount Buciero at its eastern limit, and Brusco and the beach of Berria to the north. The beach of San Martin comprises its south limit and the fishing harbor and marsh area its western limit.Population centresSantoña, the main town, where most of the population lives.Dueso, 174 inhabitants in 2008. Location of the Penal de El Dueso prison.Piedrahíta, 173 inhabitants in 2008.Notable people Juan de la Cosa (1460-1509), cartographer, conquistador, and explorerTriviaThe song "Santonian shores" of the band Eluveitie is about this region.


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