Morales del Vino, Spain

Morales del Vino, ,Spain
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Morales del Vino is a municipality located in the province of Zamora, Castile and León, Spain. According to the 2007 census (INE), the municipality has a population of 2,345 inhabitants.Geography and climateIt is located near the river Duero, 5 km South of Zamora, in the Northern Plateau (700 m above sea level) of the Iberian Peninsula. Other cities that are near Morales del Vino are Salamanca, 56 km to the South, and 100 km to Valladolid. Not too far is Portugal, 60 km.The landscape is mainly flat, with no hills around. The village is surrounded by a continental cereal, legume and sunflower farm land, with some irrigated areas close to the river where maize, sugarbeet and sunflowers are also cropped. There are not large forests around, although some scattered trees in the fields can be found in the rainfed land or some other riverside forests are near the Duero. In the area of the municipality you can find the 'Soto de Pontejos' poplar forests, with wild asparagus plants growing under the trees and among other thorny shrubs.As the province of Zamora is located in the Northern Plateau of Spain, Morales has a Mediterranean-Continental climate. The main traits are the cold winters (-12 °C) and the hot summers (40 °C) and a long dry and sunny period around the summer only interrupted by some thunderstorms and some frequent rain in Spring and Autumn mainly. Some snow can happen in the winter but the most frequent phenomenon during winter is the fog that stays in the Duero valley producing very cold days (0 °C during the day, -5 °C during the night) with no sunshine for periods longer than one week. Apart from those days, sunshine in Morales is the predominant phenomenon.


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