Láchar, ,Spain
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Láchar is a municipality in the province of Granada, in Spain. The village of Láchar lies in Granada's floodplain (or "Vega de Granada", in Spanish) amid poplar forests and fertile orchards. The surrounding countryside, and particularly the area known as Los Pinares has various kinds of outdoor sports and recreational activities, and there is also a long tradition of partridge shooting.HistoryThe origin of Láchar goes back to the times of the earliest human settlements and its situation in the fertile floodplain of the River Genil has made farming the main form of livelihood in the area for many centuries.Studies have revealed the existence of a Roman settlement in the area, "Los Hornillos", and a field of silos has been found which would have been for the storage of food. Near to "Lacen" (the name given to Láchar by the Romans), there are also other Roman remains, such as the "Villas Rusticae" in Adamucejo (or Lower Daimuz), and Daragoleja, which was under the administrative control of the Roman villa of Ilurco.In the Reconquest, the alquería or farmstead was burnt by the troops commanded by Álvaro de Luna (the Constable of Castile) and was finally conquered in 1492.


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