Badajoz Cathedral

Badajoz, 06002 ,Spain
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The Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist of Badajoz is a Roman Catholic cathedral church in Badajoz, Extremadura, western Spain. Since 1994, together with the Co-cathedral of Saint Mary Major of Mérida, it is the seat of the Archdiocese of Mérida-Badajoz.HistoryAfter the reconquest of Badajoz in 1230 by King Alfonso IX of León, the new bishop Padro Pérez initially adapted the former mosque in the Badajoz Alcazaba (citadel) as a cathedral. A new cathedral was not begun until the mid-13th century. The site chosen was that of a pre-existing Visigothic and Mozarabic church in the Campo de San Juan, situated outside the citadel.In 1270, though the construction was not finished, the new cathedral was consecrated and dedicated to St. John the Baptist. The various works on the building lasted until the 15th century, and were followed by some modifications and renovations in the 16th-17th centuries.The church was declared a national historical monument in 1931. On July 28, 1994, Pope John Paul II established the Archdiocese of Mérida-Badajoz, making the Church of Saint John the Baptist its metropolitan cathedral.DescriptionDue to its position outside the citadel, the church has a fortress-like appearance, with strong walls and bastions, and a sturdy square tower. The tower measures 11 meters on each side and 14 meters in height, and consists in four sections, the top one housing the bells. The original design included two of such towers.


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